Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Raise a pint and chant "down with Wal-Mart!"

Whilst enjoying a few libations over the weekend a conversation began, spawned by a toast to Al Gore and the irrefutable truth that global warming is not a hoax, inconvenient for some but the truth non the less.

So, after a toast like that it was pre-destined that the conversation at some point would find it's way to Wal-Mart.
It's not that I hate Wal-Mart, it's just that I don't want it to be in existence anymore. Oh, but what about the roll back prices you say, the friendly greeters you ask, or the ability to do all your shopping in one easy to access super store.

Fuck that shit I say.

Roll back prices my ass. Have you ever wondered why the shit that overflows the shelves of Wal-Mart is so cheap? It's because it's made in some 3rd world country by workers who A) have no rights and B) are paid worse then a prostitute with the clap.
Don't fret about it though, you don't have to see them or the rape and pillage of the environment that accompanies the manufacturing of this shit, out of sight out of mind. Wal-Mart goes one step further though to ensure low prices, they are one of the biggest employers of illegal immigrants. "Oh my" you say as you fill your cart with shit that you will throw out in less then 6months. That's right, that's the life cycle of stuff. Back on point, hiring illegal workers means that you don't have to give them benefits or pay them minimum wage, a few threats of deportation and those folks will pretty much do anything, wink, wink.

Let us now examine the greeters. An army of seniors who rank slightly higher then there illegal co-workers. These poor son of bitch's aren't here because they love the job. They are here because they probably made no plans for retirement, no stashing money under the mattress. Big daddy Wal-mart knows this, so they hire a fleet of barely mobile folks who are paid like first world prostitutes with herpes, minimum wage and no benefits. If these gummer's rock the boat out they go. Lets face it, with baby boomers steadily becoming the fastest growing segment in the market they will have a mass of workers at there disposal, literally these folks are close to death. All of this and the fact that they push their goddamn shopping carts on me. If I want a cart I'll get one on my own you smiling jack ass. Oh and check my bag on the way out, your lucky I'm no Chuck Norris or ca pow right to the chops.

For the last case in point, one stop shopping is highly over rated. If Wal-mart were viewed as a microcosm of society I would be fucking scared. It would reflect poorly. We would apparently only care about shitty, over processed food, cheap clothes and electronics made from non recyclable, toxic materials and guns and ammo. Well slap me on the ass and call me an American.
I prefer to walk, civilized and such, from one individually owned store to the next. Gleefully chatting with seniors who assume the appropriate position. That is to say on a bench feeding the birds. Paying fair prices to local merchants who buy their products locally. Yes it is a world that resembles the bev's but I like it. It sure as hell beats what Wal-mart offers. Ever wonder what a cow's life is like in it's final minutes, go stand in the express line in a Wal-mart.

Oh, what a big soap box I stand on. Use your head, think about what your buying, where it comes from who it benefits? Oh and last but not least, if your the jack ass who doesn't put their cart in the cart corral and I see you, I will run you down, seriously, I will.

Peace and love.