Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stupid is as stupid does

Well here I am again on the verge of yet another rant.
Before I get started, pouring my wisdom and all knowing-ness upon you, I will provide this warning: What you are about to read here is my opinion, which is to say, the right way of thinking. All those who disagree with my views, sentiments or line of thinking are free to continue on their current path, a path which most likely will lead to certain and epic failure.

So, that was the closest thing to a parental advisory you will get on my blog, I love it! My blog, it's really all in the name. Since it is mine I will say what I like about whom I like in any fashion which brings me amusement.

Now that the formalities are out of the way, I will tell you a tale starring no other then a "stupid person".

I will highlight this fact because stupid people are not like you nor I, they are, as their name suggests stupid. This stupidity could be the result of too much or too little love, a mother who drank while pregnant or just really poor DNA. In either case they are stupid. So we, as the "non-stupid" can only expect so much from them.

I, a being of great intelligence, tact, skill, good looks and all things God-like was imparting my knowledge in the form of a bike lesson. Prior to this magnificent dictation of bike skill, the "stupid person" required a bike. A process quite simple. The individual fills out a rental form, pays with any form of currency. Bartering is not permitted nor do we accept farm stock or pocket lint. The renter then brings said form to staff who then in turn fits the renter to a bike. Said staff member then records the bike's number on the rental form, a copy is given to the renter and we, being the one doing the renting keep a copy, both of which have personnel info, i.e. credit card numbers on them. Now it becomes difficult to do this when the "stupid person" takes both forms ... problem? ... Not really ... they have all the info, so we are not responsible for destroying this sensitive information. After the lesson this stupid person returned their bike.

The cause for her next actions are probably the result of me imparting too much knowledge upon her. Too much knowledge in respects to her simple brain. When she returned her rental, her form was nowhere to be found, for those of you who are stupid I will re-state this point, she took it. When our talented staff could not find it, she became possessed, demonic and in all totality a BITCH. She blamed us for losing her form. Imagine the nerve, bitch. This rant went on for about two hours. A rant I will admit to missing as I a being of all knowing, was giving another lesson. When I returned I was confronted by the "stupid person" easily recognizable my her large forehead, close set eyes and overall demeanor of low intellect. She, using some dialect of "stupid," asked me what I did with her form. I took a deep breath and responded, calmly, in control with "is it possible you took it, why don't you look through your belongings again and we will again look through ours" Her response deserved nothing less then a loud "what the fuck" as she admitted to not looking through her own belongings. Who does this? Who, outside of the stupid, don't look through their own shit first? My fucking heavens! Evidently and with little surprise to myself, she found it, with her shit, in her car. What a fucking stunt. Obviously she was embarrassed which lead to her blaming everyone else, including her husband who was not even present, for causing her stress and anger. Who marries something like that? The answer is someone who can't do any better. Wow simple much. Here is the kicker, she was a teacher. Retired, thank some God somewhere. What kind of people do we having roaming the planet thanks to this fucking battle axe? I'll tell ya, stupid ones, (again easily identifiable - see above description). Seriously, if you are about thirty and went to school about one hour north of Orillia, go to the school board, ask for a refund because odds are you didn't learn shit, especially if this is the caliber of teacher they had about 15 years ago. Then take a hot shower and make sure all the "stupid" is washed off in case you were contaminated by proximity.

I realize this was a long one and for many of you, your A.D.D. kicked in and you are pacing around the room no longer focused on the glowing screen before you.

In conclusion, I fucking hate stupidity and would have liked nothing more then to say "hey you stupid piece of shit, what, outside of nothing, was going through your head. Before freaking out like a fucking spastic tart, you should look through your own shit, thus avoiding looking like a complete retard. My word, give your head a shake. On second thought don't, lets preserve what little intelligence you have, fuck. What the fucking fuck."

Well that's really it, enough for some and too much for the stupid.
Peace, love and down with stupid people.