Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ground conntrol, we have lift off.......

Well here we are, the day has arrived that I have have been anticipating since I recieved news of my new position at Hardwood. The car is packed full of art and now we play the waiting game until we can pick up our u-haul truck. I hate the waiting game, blame my ADD but when it's go time I want to go!!
I am looking forward to playing life size tetris with our worldly posessions and what doesn't stack nicley will be hucked in (don't tell heather my plan)
Tucker (cat) sleeps in a chair while maggie displays the awesomeness of OCD as she tries to hurd him like a sheep, nipping and nudging with futility. If you are a cat owner you know the respond to one thing, a punch to the chops, they respect that shit! Cats are gangsters and soul theives who will as soon kill you in your sleep as let you pat them.
Yet again I was scolded about being a "bad athelete!!!!!!" Matt makes a good argument, simple and to the point. Well listen Matt I will quote a not so wise man who graces the world with the wisdom of a kindergarder " the tour is over" so there.
Seriously though I will be an astonishing athelete, training tirelessly nothing will stop me, oh look coffee of and those little donuts I like.........where was I ?
Well to finish I give a warning to all those on the roads tonight around 7 if you see a lunatic driving a u-haul truck your best cause of action is to move out the way because I will run you down, no red lights or stops signs will be obeyed!
Weeeez out

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November 24

Welcome to the great white north! pfffffff I have yet to see snow and we are approaching the end of November. There is no way global warming is true, this just must be a fluke?
After grinding some beans and enjoying a delcious cup of coffee Heather and I ventured with Maggie (Dog) to Hilton Falls for our fair well hike. We spent two hours hiking through the bush, walking without intent. Every trail we travelled on brought back memories of rides past, some good, some bad, most muddy and some expensive as Hilton Falls is nothing but rock.

Rocks+Bikes=bikes getting the shit kicked out of them.

The hike was a pole hike, training heart rates and all the awesomeness that surrounds atheletes. So, I am back on the wagon in regards to training. That being said, I will not only fall off of it tommorrow, but odds are it will run me over. The next few days will involve "getting the fuck out of this town" and moving into our new home in Horse Shoe valley, can I get a "what what!!"

The rest of my day consists of.........
Nothing, not a god damn commitment and it is great. Well I will have a date later with a lovely bottle of wine but thats it!

Peace and love

Monday, November 23, 2009

November 23

Well the count down is on! We have officially 3 more days to survive here in Milton before making the piligimage north. I find myself still waiting to be struck with what it is I will miss when I leave. Outside of a few good friends, the number of which has substantially decreased, I don't think there will be anything. I find that sad, I spent my adolecent years growing up here and returned only a few years ago believing that Milton was my Mecca. Fuck was I wrong. What milton has been is a petry dish where my new life has germinated. But it is what it is. I am so eager to start this next phase in my life. " I have a dream, a dream where I work not because I have to but because I love what I do. I have a dream to live in nature in a ski chalet. I have a dream to have a dog. " Of course my dream includes coffee and sex, lets face it I am a scorpio. If you are curious just read the description of a "scorpio" it will all make sense.

On the training front, I have been a " bad athelete" that is a direct quote from my coach a.k.a Heather. It's true, I am horrible but today I am back on track, I have two hours to do, I fear if I don't she will send Matt Spak after me. Matt although kind is a yeller, he will force me to get back on my bike, physically, demorilizing me emothionally and scaring me! But that's what friends do, right? right?

As I sit here, pouring out my awesomness upon you I have decided to end this first blog with my best of wishes setiment to all those ( you know who you are; life sucking, manipulating, douch bags) and here it is.....

You can all suck a bag of dicks, a whole big store bought bag of dicks

peace and love