Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reputations and Cock Suckers

How important is a reputation? Some people define their existence by their reputation. In light of this how in control are we when it comes to our reputation? I recently heard that " the only thing we are in control of is our character". It is our character which influences how others view us and intern our reputations are born. If hundred people meet you and judge you as weak, whiny or intolerable then you can presume that your reputation will be one that reflects these character traits. If one were to meet say someone like myself, your reputation would probably reflect character traits similar to the collective great minds of the past present and future. You may be describe as unimaginably handsome, scarily brilliant, deep and profound, unshakable and of course grounded because it would be unbearable to co-exist with someone who not only posses these traits but knows he posses these traits. Thus a reputation is born or in my situation a LEGEND.

Unfortunately though the world is fraught with those who lack all desirable character traits and posses only those of, well lets see, I believe the current term is cock sucker. Yes, the world is fraught with cock suckers, not the gays despite their love of the cock but true, hate full cock suckers. Now fortunately I don't give a fuck, not a fucking fuck or a flying fuck. This being said, there are those who do care and are hurt by the malicious words of those who find joy in tarnishing a reputation. As stated, a reputation is the collective opinions of the masses, so to tarnish a reputation takes a substantial amount of work. For shame. Think of how these people must hate themselves so, that they outwardly hurt others. These people often grow up to become the loud mouths who tell everyone else how to live their lives, what people should or shouldn't do. Well, let me tell you for those who are to afraid to "shut the fuck up".

I am taking a stand. In a similar fashion to that of Robin Hood I will protect the weak, those who cannot defend themselves against the cock suckers of this world. My motivation has been birthed from the idea that it is better to be "for" something rather then "against" something. It is a spiritual idea, yin yang, Tao, Karma so on and so forth. In lay terms it is positive energy and focus verses a negative energy and focus. This is deep shit, not to be taken with a grain of sand nor a shot of whisky. As I am a spiritual being of profound intelligence whom of course remains grounded whilst on his worldly journey, I naturally was drawn to this belief. So I have chosen a righteous path. I am no longer "against" the cock sucker but I am "for" a world without cocksuckers. I will be the defender of those who lack the sharp wit to defend themselves. I will look the cock suckers of the world in the eye and say " shut the fuck up you dirty cock sucker." I will hold rallies not "against" but "for" a world free of cock suckers. I will hold charitable walks and rides with those nifty bracelets. Where cock suckers rear their despicable faces I will appear and use my intelligent wit to beat them into a brain seizure, leaving the cock sucker to rock, alone in a cornor. Yes this is what I will do.......

I'm sorry I zoned out, what was the question?

Peace, Love and all together " down with cock suckers!"