Thursday, December 9, 2010

Satan's Village

Peering out the window I am forced to take note of all the snow. It covers everything. To prevent myself from slipping into a self induced hibernation I will share with you one of the last rides I had this season. Appropriately on a trail system known as "Santa's Village."

The name results because these trails are adjacent to Santa's Village in Brace Bridge. More often then not, they are referred to as Satan's Village do to the carnage of bodies and bikes which often result from riding these North Shore inspired trails.

As I am a fan both of riding and of Satan, who often gets a bad rap, I was all aboard when the opportunity arose to ride these famed trails. We met in the parking lot and readied ourselves. A variety of bikes formed our Calvary, everything from burly DH rigs to long travel trail bikes. I of course was riding SS. There was of course some skepticism as to whether or not a single speed would hold it's own on these trails. Needless to say, all doubt was quickly removed and my claim that " I have yet to find a place I can't ride single speed" remains true.

I can best describe these trails as O natural. Rocky, rootie with a sprinkling of North Shore style ladder bridges and skinnies scattered throughout. Mixed in are some white knuckle descents and some lung buster, make you want to vomit climbs. Add in the fallen leaves and some wet roots and you have your self something epic and fun. The trails feature more then a few of Mother natures own wonders, including several steep, get your ass back, way back, descents on open rock faces and a wicked three step drop.

When it comes to Satan's village, believe the hype. This place lives up to it's reputation. If you manage to finish the ride, and by finish I mean with an in tact bike and body then you more then certainly earned yourself a beer or two.

Happy trails, cold beer and sweet sweet single track.

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