Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Where we was" um, what?

I have never paid as much attention to language, both spoken and written as I do now. I am by no means a linguist. I often miss use and miss spell words. My point being is that no matter the mistake, I am using real words, they exist in our beautiful language. I am not making words up, nor are my sentences pragmatic. When I speak to another, they don't look at me wondering what it is I might be trying to say. Well that's not always true, unfortunately there are a lot ( yes that is two separate words) dumb people out there but our tolerance allows this so who is to blame? I have been witness as of late to a number of brutal, massacres of our language, committed by both adults and adolescents.

For example, last night we meandered our way through the isles of the local
Bulk Barn. Whilst walking, a mother called out to her son " where are you?" . The child who appeared to be about ten, responded, " I'm in the isle where was we started". What the fuck? " where we was started?" I realize our government has made substantial cut backs to education but have they done so to the point where it has become acceptable to piece sentences together at random? I wonder if our current education system coupled with our lazy society is resulting in a new breed of human. The "super dumb". It is as though we have relapsed into a prehistoric period, at a point when we just began to comprehend language for communication. If you doubt this just look at the number of people who no longer write using full words, even in e-mails where there is no limit on the number of words. All the abbreviations drive me mad, the brb, lol, 8's, cu's. In only a few short years I presume we will be right back to grunting and pointing. I continue to lose faith in our educators, specifically those who teach elementary and high school. I recall the teachers who were entering the profession as I was leaving high school, they seemed more interested in being the "cool" teacher as portrayed on FOX after school specials then actual educators. That was over ten years ago, what are they like now? I am not putting the entire blame on our educators, parents it's time you get your shit together. Apparently it isn't alarming enough that the current generation has a shorter life expectancy then their parents. This is a first in history by the way. Child obesity is through the roof. But hey who gives a fuck right. If their going to be fat and live short lives who cares if they can read, write or communicate? In any case the end of the world is approaching, Mayan calender ending in 2012. For a moment however let's consider if it doesn't. The world continues, do we want it to be led by these poorly educated, video game addicted, live at home until your 35 or your parents die types? Why don't I have kids, for the above reasons, the world is a scary dumb place. Heather and I would have glorious, magnificent kids but I fear stupidity is contagious so our best attempts at raising brilliant beings would be a lost cause. But hey, these are just ramblings, induced by wine, in the end what do I really know.

Everything, is the answer. If you don't believe me just try to spell check lol.

Peace and love and please get your children to read books, real, tangible books, filled with words.

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