Monday, December 28, 2009

Well, I am learning, slowly learning what it takes to be an athlete. That I realize is a vague statement so I will elaborate.

I was under the preconceived notion that being an athlete required little more then a few key ingredients. 1) The desire to do exceptionally well in a given sport. 2) Have some guidance in the form of a coach 3) Time

I figured that having all of these boxes checked off that I would be an athlete, not to boost to much but a good athlete at that.


I have learned that all though these are necessary pieces to the athlete puzzle that there is one fundamental piece you must have, or else you have a bunch of pieces that don't fit together all that well.

Get your head together, get your shit right.

I have learned, despite having been told, that head games are the major road block in being a good athlete. If your head is not in the game or your heart your fucked. Yes your heart has a big deal to do with things too. It would seem that your brain likes to fuck with your heart and your heart with your brain, like two therapist parents who have an only child.

I find myself completing my training, often with a smile. However the time leading up to the work out is trying. My brain is in constant overdrive, creating reasons why I shouldn't get on the bike. Brain's infamous line is "no one cares if your faster or if you win. Just do what you do ride your bike and no one will expect anything from you"

I have always been the rider who hits the jumps, drops and skinnies. Downhill, dirt jump and trials is what my calling card would say. It has never been "racer" or "athlete"

Well here it is, I might not be the fastest, yet. I might not be a pro, yet. I might not be endorsed or get paid, yet. But I can ride a bike. I know where I am strong and where I am weak. I ride because it fuel my soul and I race because I want to win. I have done more then my fair share of things half assed and I refuse to let this, training and racing be another thing to the list of "almosts"

I will train and I will race and I will do my very best to win and if you don't like that or support me then fuck you. Blunt and to the point.

My life is simple, Love, riding and coffee and pets.

Peace and Love

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Silent Night

Well Christmas has come and gone. Family was visited and presents were exchanged. I would like to say turkey was ate but Soulmate and I are veggies so no turkey. We did however eat some bugs. We decided to look the other way and enjoy some delicious escargot for our own version of Christmas dinner. If you imagine you are a giant they look like little turkeys. So we ate a small colony of escargot, sipped on wine and enjoyed a quite, relaxing Christmas day filled with laughter, love and a bit of painting.

Some of you may be a little disappointed in this life report. You may have expected a Griswald story of how we cut down our own tree, brought it home to find a squirrel still occupying it. Or how I was awoken by noise down stairs, beat said intruder only to discover that it was Santa. Or even how I saved the day from terrorists who took over an airport in a plot to have political dictator released (die hard, that reference is die hard in case some of you are like what?)

Sorry, but it was a quite day and I am very happy to have had it. Christmas often means running around from one place to the next, often visiting with people who you only see on Christmas. Your time is spent catching them up on your life, even though you nor they really care. So instead our Christmas was filled with visiting the one's we love, even if we don't see eye to eye with them they are the one's who do care.

I did have a smile put on my face, when I was given a gift by soulmates family. I got to dawn a rhinestone Christmas hat as I open my present. Socks, hot chocolate and a mug. I think they like me. I was really shocked when my name was added to next years secret Santa draw. This is a big deal because it means they expect me to be around. I will not disappoint! I will be around for years to come, eventually they will refer to me as a virus and question how to get rid of me. But for know I am happy to be accepted and invited back.

Peace and love

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Christmas season is all about peace, love and the spirit of sharing. Really? Have you been to a mall at all during the last week. Yesterday, Soulmate and I went into Barrie for the day.

Every year I seem to forget the golden rule for the holiday season, leave your fucking manners at home. Don't bother bringing them, in fact your better off bringing a loaded gun or a taser. This realization struck me instantaneously when I was searching for a parking spot. In a scene out of road warrior I got cut off and flipped off in an amazing, single motion. You might expect this from some young punk, but from an old women? Fucking battle axe, what the hell. I had my signal on, waited patiently and smiled filled with holiday cheer. Then like a jail house rape, i had it stuck to me. The parking spot was snatched away by some knitting, tea sipping cat petting battle axe. I have to admit, the thought of throwing down crossed my mind. But I asked my self, what would Jesus do? I am pretty sure he would have fastened a shank out of a cross and "bone check"

Instead I repressed the Ted Bundy in me and drove in endless circles until I found a parking spot on the other side of the planet. Parking spot found, I figured I would take a moment and have a coffee. Starbucks here we come. Opening the door, I came to a halt like Toronto traffic. By the power of Grey Skull, did all of Barrie converge on this single coffee shop.

I spent my time in line, smiling and say "hello" "greetings". Often there was no reply vocally, but their eyes would say "go fuck yourself" or "eat shit and die" Where is the holiday spirit? where is the love?

After a long wait I made my order to the Barista who unenthusiastically took it. Her facial expression concerned me, she had the look of someone ready to take their own life. I wish I had a suicide hot line # to give this poor girl. I then watched her create, slap together my order. It looked nothing like the picture and tasted like, well like what I imagine luke warm shit to taste like.

It was at this point that my twitch developed. I entered a state which no one should see me in, a state brought on by bad coffee. In a manner which can only be described as "losing one's shit" I spun around and scissor kicked the person behind me. I followed that with a Ninja chop to the neck of the old women who cut me off and began using books from the non-fiction section as throwing stars. In the end I was asked to leave Chapters, several people where dead and a small fire was set in the children's section.

Next year I will fasten spikes and a push bar to the front of the car. I will arm myself with any blunt object that can be used as a weapon, dawn a hockey mask and armour and head to the mall. I will pull the doors open and begin my shopping experience with these famous words
"yippie kiya mother fucker"

Peace and Love
a pinch of holiday maheim.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

As Christmas rapidly approaches, bringing with it the new year I have found myself in deep contemplation about what the last year has meant and what I have gained and what I have lost. Let me assure you that the gains far out way the loses, but loses they remain.

For those of you just tuning in, this past year has been, if anything one change after the other without end. I went into this year with a feeling that has become very normal for me and with a statement that I have said aloud for the last several years "this year some big things are going to happen!"

I haven't been wrong yet. This year's theme was change. A theme that echoed in every aspect of my life. I found my soulmate and we began our journey forward. I sold my house and quit my job. None of which were has to's or suppose to be's all were done of my own choosing. What I gained, out side of a pair of balls, was my perfect life, a dream life. I have found the love of my life, we live in an amazing place, and have an amazing home. All of which we created together.

As the end of the year approaches I find myself waiting to be struck with it, that feeling that has become so familiar. Yet, as each day passes I do not see it's arrival. Let me be clear, I do not need anymore "big years". I have lived more life in my 29 years then a lot do in their entire time on this planet. The fact is that this familiar feeling has been replaced with one that I can't quite place.

I am overwhelmed with the thought that perfection is not the end, it is a foundation. I feel as though I must take this and build upon it, strive harder and with more determination to become the person I desire to be. Who that person is, remains the question. I posses all of the tools, knowledge and drive to be whom ever I choose.

I am ready to take these next steps forward, on a trail not walked before. I will not be a zombie, but a leader who carves out his own path, even if it is to failure. I am prepared to "bury" relationships and friendships which should have been allowed to die years ago. They say to remember history or else you will repeat it. I disagree, if you are always thinking about the past, how can you ever move forward and expect to not repeat it?

So here is the plan, an idea to start this year. I will make a list of all the things I choose to let go of. No holds back, weather they are thoughts, behaviours or people. I will raise a drink to years past and burn the list. The intent is this; new life begins out of fire it is re-birth. I invite you to do the same. Make a list, put on it whatever you want and burn the mother fucker. Make a statement as to what this new year will bring and go forward with a big pair of balls. It's your life, so live it the way you want too. Trust me on this one, you will be much happier!

Peace and Love.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ye day at work.

Greetings and salutations good friends.
On this blistery cold eve, take a moment to find warmth, become comfortable sip on coco and listen as I tell ye a tale of days (today) gone past.

It was in the year of our lord, 2009. I awoke to the soothing and natural sounds of and electronic rooster, something of a rage these days. As the sun dial was not yet working I took a guesstimate at the time. I, through a series of detailed mathematical calculations, the likes of which I shall not bore you with, determined that it was 4:30am. To some of you, the existence of such a time seems mystical, let me assure you it is of truth.
My journey on this day would take me into the forest, over the hills and to a land covered in trails travelled on by pieces of wood.
Through another series of methods, rooted deep in science (checking the weather net work) I determined that on this day it was cold. So cold that only the brave and idiotic, the likes of which are usually alike, would venture forth. I dawned my furs (Helly Hanson gear) and summoned my dog sled team (Maggie, only one dog, not much of a sleder).
We would set out, guided by a head lamp and flashy thingies crudely attached to Maggies collar.
The temperature was in the minus 20's, so our voyage would be fraught with frozen things and such.
I was afraid that I may not reach my destination before my coffee would run out and alas it did.
Coffee less, cold and only accompanied by the bravest dog (also idiotic) we pushed forward.
In the wee light of the morning our journey came to and end as we reached our far away destination.
It was glorious.
We watched in ah, pondering the role of witch craft as people glided across the snow, supported by pieces of wood fastened to their shoes. Ah technology is an amazing thing, a marvel of this new age.
The day was spent, laughing and mucking about moving snow flakes and starting fires. It is a good life.
As the light of the sun, slowly began to be extinguished we had but a single task, to return to where we once came. As I left this land of spandex and skis I had but a single thought an enlightenment if you will.


Peace and love

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The last two days, well nights actually have been a new learning experience. Having been accepted to Top Gun school a.k.a Hardwood. Sunday night was my first flight experience, before receiving clearance we checked snow conditions, temperature and of course I-pod selections. Goose and I. In this scenario Andrew Parry will be Goose and I of course will be playing Maverick. The handsome pilot with a little bit of cowboy in him. So into the Rhino we climbed and hit the trails. This is my first time grooming and I can admit that I was a little nervous. Wrecking a trail would be similar to cutting someones throat, actually my own because A) they would have to close it and B) I would be applying for a new job. So with my attention focused and my third eye open we headed into the thick of it. Grooming is not simply a glorified Zamboni for ski trails, it is what I have come to learn and art form. You are always on a constant edge, between tiller pressure, speed and laying a good track. If a classical track is set and not relieved before a sharp turn you will cause skiers to venture, unwilling into a tree. We hold the power. I like it. I from this day forward shalt be known as the all powerful lumber jack jay. A name I was given my a good friend, a worshipper if you will. I began grooming at Midnight and finished somewhere around 7:30. The trails looked alright given the snow, my experience and mother nature who is ultimately the conductor to our grooming symphony. Monday night I was out again, a bit of a later start due snow conditions but the trails looked much better. I just might be good at this after all. Well, I am usually good at everything. Actually it hurts being this good, toot toot.
On the training front I am being a good athlete. I have been dedicated to my work outs on the compu trainer (bring it) and despite the fact they hurt like hell finish each one with a smile on my face. Coach says I am the best athlete in the world, well I may have paraphrased but whatever.
Being left unsupervised for the weekend I decided to build a ski jump in the yard. Our almost 1 acre of chalet property is mainly a large forested hill, but there is enough room to have a good run in, a kicker and a sweet landing spot. So, my neighbours think I am semi retarded, but I am who I am which is someone who is semi retarded.
In local news it has been snowing and snowing a lot. Overnight we received over 30cm of fresh powder and it is still snowing with another 10cm expected today. I hope that I am being clear in my writing this, I am boasting, bragging, rubbing it in if you will. Southern Ontario can kiss Northern Ontario's ass. That's right I said it, it's out there.
Peace and love

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Almost Perfect

In true "Jason" fashion yesterday begin as everyday. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee drifted upstairs and tickled my nose awake. That and waking up next to the one you love always puts a smile on my face!

So downstairs I went and poured myself a cup of life, actually if you are wondering what the meaning of life is, it's a good cup of coffee. Sorry if I ruined it for anyone but a speak only truth. With Soulmate out of the woods for the weekend it was just me the dog and of course the cat. The cat (Tucker) outside of being a constant source of amusment does not make a good snowshoe partner. What he does provide is a constant reminder of what you get when you have a big brass set of balls. That is to say he is his own dude and he gets what he wants weather we give it to him or weather he just takes it himself. Let that be a life lesson today, never settle, always get what you want.

So the dog, who is always dressed to go out in the winter elements waited patiently as I got ready. A quick look outside, blue skys and the sun slowing rising like a morning erect......

Anyways, Maggie and I headed out. Only a few short minutes on the road and then we disappear into the bush. It would seem that we would be the first to set track on freshly fallen snow. There is nothing better then being the first out, no ones steps to walk in and each step breaking new ground. Thats living. For half of the snowshoe I lead without purpose or direction, just walking towards the sun, letting it strike my face. I realize this is sounding like a drama but I have the key board and this is my blog so suck it.

About half way through our snowshoe Maggie came across some fresh deer tracks in the snow, she was on them like a nun on an alter. At that point I decided that all realationships invovle leading at times and following at others. So "lead on Maggie" For the next 40mins I followed wondering off trail and at times crossing trails. Every so often I would get a look back a smile all over her face. Thats right dogs can smile and they have souls, which means they go to heaven. But not rocks, rocks to do not go to heaven. Amazingly the tracks lead us almost all the way home. See my conspiracy theories are coming to fruition. The deers are watching us, waiting for the right time to strike. Parinoid delusions you say, will see, will see.

After an hour and a half or so we arrived back at the chalet. Coffee in hand sitting by the fire looking outside I realize that today is almost perfect. Almost is close but not quite there. The missing piece to the "perfect" equation is soulmate. Lets all be honest having the one you love with you makes everything better, especially when you kiss. So go kiss the one you love, I will wait........

See I told you, bet you feel better a bit happier. Weird how that works. Well thats what I have for you today. The snow is falling again and I am headed outside to live my life.

Peace and love
and kisses

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oh God!

Let me paint you a portrait, will all get out our easels, paints, brushes and that cool thing you hold in you hand that you put paint on. Oh and a beret we must have that on! Now I will start with black, because by the time I got ready for my hike home last night it was dark. I will use white to artistically represent wind so lets put some swirls here and there because it was windy. OK now I will put my self into this portrait, what colours should I use hmmm, painting an individual with an athletic build and boyish good looks is tough. Oh, it's coming along beautifully. Ok lets paint, magnificent trees use your browns and greens. Now that the scene is set let me tell you a tale that would accompany this portrait......
It is a cold, dark night and the sky is dotted with stars. The moon lending what it can for light. A brave, handsome explorer dawns his head lamp, puts his pack on and leaves the safety of the "cat house". He is soon walking, alone into the great unknown. Actually this part is known, I was walking on "coffee run" to 6th line. But for all intensive purposes will say unknown, adds spice to the story. Because it's not 1800 and something I am rocking an i-pod. My journey heads North, up the 6th towards Simco county forest. I make it to the road and my pace quickens and in 25mins I am at the entrance to the trail. My chosen soundtrack exemplifies nature, Jay-Z. As I am approaching the entrance to the trail I am listening "Allow me to introduce myself my name O......" at that moment I see the trail and my thoughts are similar "Oh God" The trail is covered, no one has been on them and we have had a lot of snow as of recently. My first few steps into the trail confirm my initial thoughts, " this is going to suck" soon to be followed by "this is going to hurt". One foot in front of the other (because that's how you walk) I make my way through the trail like a human ice breaker. The surface of the snow crunching under my boots then, sinking to the mid shin level. As my hike turned quickly into a death march, I realized this. In the winter, people die in the woods we believe it is because they get lost, they get cold and they fall asleep. I believe it is because they are walking through knee high snow and at some point say "fuck it" I am taking a nap. As I continue trudging along I sing to myself "left foot, right foot, left foot...." I am at the pace of a potato sack racer, making my way towards home. As I crest the final ball busting hill I see the lights of sugar bush, the home stretch is down hill, my speed quickens and soon I am running. From an outsiders perspective I appear as a ridiculously good looking avalanche. I am out of the bush and back on the road. My pace returns to normal. I feel victorious having blazed the winter trail. I arrive at the door, ready to go inside, sit by the fire and warm up with the help of wine. The door is open and I am greeted by our loving dog Maggie, lets paint her with red and white. Another thought "oh God I have to walk the dog, sweet baby Jesus!" This time I am wearing snow shoes.
Let's finish our painting with a little bush in the corner, it will be our little secret and if you tell anyone about it I will come to your house and cut you.....

Peace and love
and hopefully some laughs

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bad luck?

Well, like a good employee I reported for work, bright and early. Bright eyed and bushy tailed I was ready to tackle the new snow that had fallen (actually blown around) last night. To my surprise not much had happened over night. I figured that I would make short work of my "to do list" wrongo!!!
I went to start the snow blower which, after being left in a cold storage shed had as much life in it as a homeless person sleeping on the street. After 15 or so minutes and non stop priming I had it running, well sputtering, but working well enough to vomit up snow which beats the hell out of shoveling.
I then decided to sand the hill, oh how the delivery guys will love me. The tractor, sleeps outside. So in suit with the snow blower it did not want to start either, I would have to defib to get her going. "clear" nothing ok lets shock her again, "clear" this time the tractor had enough life to mutter what sounded like "go fuck yourself" Alright," clear" this time she fired up, black smoke billowed from the stack, casting a haze into blue sky, ya we really care about reducing our carbon foot, print!
The icing on the "should have stayed in bed cake" came while I was plowing the lower lot. Getting the jump on the weekend I decided to plow the lower lot, a foot ball field sized piece of grass which acts as overflow for the weekend rush. Literally with one pass left, the transmission took a giant shit. I said good bye to reverse, and of course I was in no position to drive forward. So I had to get towed out of the pile of snow, only to discover that the brakes had also joined the choir invisible, that is to say that both the transmission and the brakes died, they are pushing up daisies.
You may ask, what do you do when you have a day like this and my friends the answer is easy, smile, kiss the one you love and have a beer.

peace and love


Captains log, star date who gives a shit.....
It's 5 and I am up, why would you ask? Well us groomers live an amazing, party filled life. I just got out of bed (leaving behind a gorgeous blond, huh huh) and now I am headed out the door. Word on the street is that the white stuff is coming......
Snow not cocaine you twisted infomercial watching fools.
If your reading this at 5am, go to bed, put down the speed and go to bed.
Peace and love

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


That's right, not only am I a lyrical genius, a poet and so some the song bird of my generation I am also a linguist. For those of you not in the medical "know" Shovelitis is a serious and sometimes deadly "itis"
Let me break it down so we are all clear. Shovel derives from the Latin word "shovel" which means to shovel something. "itis" is fun and you add it to the end of words to make them sound important.
Now that we are clear I am suffering from shovelitis. Mother nature seems to have a sense of humour. She snows and blows for more then half the day and then in the last few hours of light decides to mix it up by raising the temperature and throwing in some rain. Now this would normally not bother me, except you see, I had not yet shoveled our driveway. Driveway is not a clear depiction, our "walmart parking lot" would be more accurate. So head lamp on, we tackle the monumental task of shovel water soaked snow.
The fact that I am writing this stands as a testament to the fact that I always win. Always. However, I am now suffering from "shovelitis" it's not that I want to shovel, it's just that I don't want to shovel anymore.
So that being said I won't, not today anyways, tomorrow is a brand new day.
Remember, take it one scoop at a time.

Peace and love

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 8

Move over Lance!
You heard me move over and make way.....
Because I need to lay down and rest my legs.
I have just finished another compu trainer workout and my legs are burning like they caught some sort of STD. I wonder if there is a cream for that?
As I sit here sipping my wine I have realized that these workouts ain't fun, nor are they exciting. I sit for almost to hours on my road bike and I go nowhere. I am plugged into the matrix, generating power for a machine which will probably be involved in the "machine wars" prophisized in terminator. I truly believed going into these workouts that I was going to beat the machine, leave it smoking and broken, a pile of plastic and wires. Well I was wrong, way wrong. I finish each workout barely able to lift my legs over the top tube and in a dance that looks similar to that of dog humping a football I remove my shoes. My next thought is typically "what sadistic son of a bitch thought this up" I then stumble down stairs to have a recovery drink, Soul mate usually prepares it because at this point I believe every appliance is out to hurt me and turn me into a wattage producing bitch!
I usually drink it whilst rocking in the cornor muttering "no, no more pedaling, no"
I soon drift out of insanity and come back into reality.
I must warn you, the time is near, they are all around us, waiting, watching. I can predict the future, I see two days of peace and then, like an older brother, the compu trainer will grab me in and extension cord head lock, give me a nuggy and make me say "uncle"

Peace and love

Monday, December 7, 2009

Mr Plow

The snow report for Monday December 7 is as follows; Snow has fallen, more snow is coming and it is cold, back to you........
Well, I asked for it, prayed for it and the universe answered. I awoke this morning to the wonderful aroma of freshly brewed coffee and a landscape blanketed in sweet, sweet snow. Judging by my measurements (sticking ones finger in the snow) it looks like we have somewhere around 6cm. Environment Canada is calling for 2-4 more cm today, "yippee kyya mother fuckers". Yes I like to quote movies so what, big deal, want to fight about it?
I got my snow gear on, too much in fact and went to my sanctuary (shed) got my weapons (shovels of different sizes) and tackled the monumental task in front of me. The largest driveway I have ever owned and had to shovel. Our driveway will easily fit 10 cars!!! booo ya.
Well, I guess I shouldn't brag when I have to shovel it, but in the summer, boooo ya!
I began, where you always begin, at the road and worked my way to the chalet. Like an ultra efficient robot programed to move snow I worked, without stop, without fail until the job was done. Yes Soul mate helped, like a girl robot programed to shovel snow and giggle. The official Guinness Book time keepers clocked us at 1:30 hours, a new world record.
All challenges will be accepted, bring it!
Please bring it, I would love the help!
Well as I take my final sips of this cup of coffee, note of "this cup of coffee" I am left pondering the wise and brilliant words of this centuries most prolific scholar.....
"Mr. Plow that's my name, that name again is Mr. Plow....."

Peace and love

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mission: Trail Build

o700, the light is coming in through the window Maverick (heather) and Goose (myself) are a wake, in the battle against nature it's tough to sleep "I've seen some shit man !" We choose our mission carefully, recon of the surrounding area. Lets get one thing straight squirrels and chipmunks our mother natures foot soldiers and if your not careful they will have you surrounded, their like ninjas out for you nuts! Guess Heather is safe. We load up our gear get the dog and head out to the front lines. We hit the hochiman trail north of the house and do a radio check, since we have no radios it consists of yelling " maverick this is goose, over" We head out, the goal is to gain geographic info which will be used to construct a trail from base linking us to surrounding trails. This is some crazy shit, we move forward we get our first glimpse of a squirrel, Maggie give chase, leaving us alone and vulnerable, clever bastards. We soon find ourselves regrouped and are now in the thick of it, bushwhacking our way towards base. "Goose this is fun" I reply "Maverick you have finish your transmissions with over, over" We soon arrive in what to the untrained eye would appear to be an empty field. I know better, this is an air strip for Mother Natures air force. They just birds my ass, they are winged bombs with an arsenal of poop. We choose to play it safe and head for the cover of the bush. I catch another glimpse of the enemy, we are slowly being surrounded, I can see it in their eyes they want my nuts bad. We pick up the pace, soon we are running "Goose theirs the base, over" "Roger that" It's now a full on sprint and I am falling behind, I trip, "man down, man down" Their all around us now "save your self Maverick!" Maverick circles around and we are soon running again, Maggie leading the way. 100 meters to go, we are in the clear, I radio a head and request a fly by. "Negative" I ignore and run around the house, rattling all the windows with my awesome speed.
Some of that may or may not be true......
Its my blog

Peace and love

Friday, December 4, 2009

"this way to the Chalet"

Well my blessed followers, I have returned to grace you with the unfolding of my life. You probably became worried when my posts so abruptly ended, some of you may have even organized a search party and set out to find me. But never fear I have returned.
Since my last post many new and splendid events have happened. On friday the 27 Soulmate and I got the keys to our new home! U-Haul truck loaded I drove like a pissed off teenager, dodging pot holes and fallen tree limbs. (yes that is a northern traffic report) We arrived with only a few short hours to unload the truck and have it returned to Barrie before those money hungry truck pimps charged us for another day. We unloaded the truck gangster style (side ways) and before you could say........
We were on our way into Barrie. I drove, inspired by ricky bobby "if you ain't first your last" and despite the fact that the location blew like a two dollar hooker, which is to say bad and that the lazy bastards had left, even though they were suppose to be open we had the truck back on time.
We returned to our chalet, which was now filled with our crap. The rest of the night consisted on me and Matt owning a case of beer and Soulmate eagerly, without intent put things into there new home.
The weekend was long and busy. We unpacked like we were attempting to set a new land speed record, our division, two individuals who suffer from ADD and who appear to have drank an entire truck of red bull, we should have a red bull, want a red bull?
As Monday dawned we realized how awesome our lives are and not to shop @ Foodland in Craighurst. Imagine a giant variety store, jack the prices and you've got it, bingo bango.
Like all new home owners we ventured to HOME DEPOT a jungle of lumber tools and other crazy and wonderful things. Soulmate and I roamed the isles for more then an hour lets just say we had to drive home with the trunk open.
When the final box was broken down and the dust settled monday night, we realized we had done it!! Everything was unpacked, our chalet was now a home. Soulmate's (Heather) Yoga studio with room to accomodate 6 comfortably was ready for business. The office and home to an acupunture clinic was gleaming and our training room was set up, bikes, weights, mats enough to make a grown man cry.
Now we end the tour in the bed room "this is where the magic happens"

Peace and love